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About Mercedes Simonian

Mercedes Simonion is a botanist who graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with a major in microbiology. She has spent the last ten years working for various biotech companies and has traveled around the U.S. to study its wondrous bounty of plant life. Currently, Ms. Simonian works in research, testing numerous new types of organic pesticides that could be less harmful to the environment.

A lover of everything natural, Mercedes Simonion has accumulated a massive collection of exotic house plants in her travels. Originating on the balcony of her Logan Square apartment in Chicago, the fascinating menagerie of Cacti, Jade, Abutilons, Bergonias and more have tastefully invaded her home, adorning her desks, coffee table and counters.

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Mercedes is excited to have a platform where she can share her unique insights on plants, life, and everything in between!

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